Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cricket horror

(story picked up from Patrick Kidd)

No, this is not a reference to India’s batting form in Sri Lanka. A new horror film releases this week and it’s rather originally titled I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer. Here’s the IMDB on the film’s plot.

A cricket team are dismissed by a moustachioed serial killer with a razor sharp cricket glove and an arsenal of sharpened stumps. One by one the killer exacts revenge for the torment he endured 20 years earlier.

Sounds like a good way for England to handle Australia, except that the film surprisingly is from Australia.

Here’s a YouTube trailer of the film.

I’d rather watch Yuvraj Singh against Ajantha Mendis.


straight point said...

after watching the trailor i guess you were right...ys against mendis is better horror spectacle...

though i am sure SL see it as comedy show...

Anonymous said...

Saw with cricket bats. BRILLIANT!