Friday, August 29, 2008

Who’s next?

The happy season is on us. Ex-cricketers are realising that playing cricket is not a bad idea at all. First was dear old Harmy re-discovering some patriotism (and, to the surprise of every one including I reckon the man himself, form). He’s even gone to the extent of saying that his return is for the long term and not just for this one series. Whispers confirm that this decision has nothing to do with Stanford and other such trivial matters – Steve Harmison is just out to give his best for his nation.

Hardly had the champagne glasses moved off the lips than similar news shook the cricket world in the Southern hemisphere. Harmy’s Aussie alter-ego, Shaun Tait has put his hat into the ring, albeit on a slightly smaller scale, by
agreeing to play in one-day internationals for the Australia A team on their tour of India, thus suggesting that he is ready to stake his claim for the big one – the main Australian team. Brett Lee, your time is up.

A bird apparently saw Marcus Trescothick lug a year’s supply of mint from the local supermarket, but the England team management said they’re not reading too much into it; it is believed that they could not confirm whether the brand name was Murray.


RamG R said...

In football, they call it a silly season - a time when all kinds of rumours on a player's transfer float around! All kinds of spin get talked about in the media!
In English cricket, the silly season is 24*7, 365 days a year!
The Mintgate has come up because the English media needed a new story after Ramps' feat!
Forget Marcus! Forget all the hue and cry! The Ashes was won and lost by good swing bowling! We probably watched a once-in-a-lifetime coming together of four bowlers who probably bowled their best in unison! Mint aided or not, I don't care. What Marcus has done is unfairly attempted to take the "shine" off his bowlers' performance! No mint can come to help in the kind of plans which were executed for Gilchrist, Hayden, Ponting, and Langer! The battles were won by the lengths these bowlers bowled and the conditions came to play!

I hear that Harmy, Hoggard, Freddie, and Jones have issued a supari in the name of Marcus. That's another story!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi Geetha,
do swing by at