Monday, January 19, 2009

What a game!

It was riveting stuff, it really was. Two teams evenly matched in a low-scoring game. And a last over finish to boot, culminating in a two-wicket victory. A left-arm spinner decides the fate of the game (no, it’s not Monty Panesar, you poor Pom) with figures of 10-2-22-4 (that he made an unbeaten 23 in a chase of 125 adds to the impact). Other dream figures include 10-4-11-3 and 10-3-21-3, both from the losing team. It made me get back to blogging, so you can imagine how much it captured my attention. Pity the teams were evenly matched not in their intensity to win but in their inability to do so.

See the scorecard if you must here.


straight point said...

yeah...tow minnows fighting each other to say this match is mine-now...

sorry about the rhyme...but welcome back to blogging... :)

Anonymous said...

Hello dear blogging friend,

Cricket with balls has now moved, true story.

We are now at, so if you could update our address in your blogroll that would be great.

Ofcourse if you already had us down as .com, never mind.


Anonymous said...

Rather a low scoring game than a high scoring one.

Watching England in the West Indies is so boring.

The scoring rate during the course of this match has been 3.82 per over.

It has taken an average of 23.3333333 overs per wicket in the match thus far.

It would take 933 overs to take all 40 wickets in this test match, which if everything went to plan would see a total of 3565 runs scored, and no doubt a few lives taken.