Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Morgan’s Mantras

We are in for some interesting times with the International Cricket Council’s president-elect Mr Dave Morgan if this interview of his with Alex Brown of the Sydney Morning Herald is any indication.

First up is his philosophical reflection on incorrect perceptions.

All incorrect perceptions are of concern, just as it’s a concern that the ICC was blamed for every aspect of what was wrong with the last ICC World Cup in the West Indies. That, again, was an incorrect perception.

Yes, The ICC conducted the ICC World Cup, they ensured that it was called the ICC World Cup, but they are not responsible for what went wrong there. The next time you buy a Gray Nicolls bat and it turns out to be a useless piece of wood, don’t blame Gray Nicolls – they’re not responsible for it you see.

Then comes his sage comment on the ouster of Steve Slow Death Bucknor from the Perth test between Australia and India.

The first thing I need to say is that the decision to replace Mr Bucknor with Mr Bowden was not the result of any protest from one of the participating teams. There was a protest, but the decision was not a result of that process.

Absolutely, Mr. Morgan, no pressure at all. Umpires are routinely evaluated after every match and replaced if they make incorrect decisions. And protest? What protest?

And the way he expressed his views on Zimbabwe’s possible return to test cricket is the very epitome of clarity.

I must re-emphasise that they [Zimbabwe] withdrew voluntarily, and they will be coming back to ICC to say when they feel they’re ready to resume Test match cricket. The cricket committee of the ICC may well have a view to express.

Yes, we are in for some interesting times with the ICC.

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