Monday, July 09, 2007

Am back (with tail between legs)

OK, I can never make it as a soothsayer. Almost all my predictions for the previous fortnight have come to naught.

I opined that South Africa would beat India 3 – 0 in the one-day international series in Ireland. But thanks to Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh, India came up on the right side of a 2 – 1 result. I doff my hat to the Indians; they insist on defying the odds. If only they can retain this form against the Englishmen. The bowling does look a bit threadbare for the test matches particularly, but considering my score in the prediction game, I shall not say any more.

More surprisingly, West Indies managed to best England in their one-day international series. After the Twenty20 series was predictably shared, England did get off on the right note, winning the first game. Then they suddenly remembered that they don’t know the one-day game well, and proceeded to lose the next two matches. They must be happy that Shivnarine Chanderpaul is not part of the Indian team. What a series he has had!

I believe Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are playing a three-test series. Did I say anything about that?


Prabu said...

I think you should post more in the lines of "India losing" and your wretched soothsaying form will bolster the Indian team's chances...

Geetha Krishnan said...

I can try that, Prabu. Except that the Indian team is too unpredictable either way.