Friday, June 01, 2007

More batsman-friendly recommendations

The new-look ICC Cricket Committee has just concluded its first meeting in Dubai and has come up with a list of recommendations for consideration by the Chief Executives Committee.

A couple of recommendations are intriguing.

That the idea of the captain of the batting side being able to choose when to take one of the power-plays be trialed in Australia and any other Member that wishes to do so

So the batting team literally decides the fielding placement during this phase, eh? Isn’t the game sufficiently batting-friendly? What next? Batsmen deciding that a certain lot of overs should be bowled only by the slow bowlers? Or a speed limit for bowlers?

On the other hand, how about some bowler-friendly measures, for a change? Why not let the fielding team decide who the next batsman should be? Or mandate that each team should have a mix of right-handers and left-handers? Or define that for a lot of five overs, batsman cannot score on the off-side? Or offside runs count only for half for that period?

A free hit should be introduced for the delivery that follows a front-foot no-ball

I know this is operational in domestic cricket in England and in the Twenty20 game, but why would you penalize a bowler for a past transgression? Will the same bowler get a free bowl if he has taken a wicket with his previous delivery? Or if a batsman runs on the pitch?

It’s surprising that recommendations like this have come up from such a distinguished group of experts, including bowlers like Michael Holding, Ian Bishop and Tim May, and all-rounders like Tom Moody and Craig Wright.


sumant said...

nice blog you have here anyways... Iam pretty sure that the free hit suggestion was put forth by mr sunil gavaskar coz ihave heard him mention it couple pof times commentating buts its quite surprising the others agreed to it....

Geetha Krishnan said...

Thanks, Sumant. Yes, I won't be surprised if Gavaskar, being a batsman, had suggested it. But then there were some bowlers (chief of them being Mike Holding) in the committee. So you are right, it is surprising.