Sunday, March 18, 2007

Extra Cover

Well, Ireland beats Pakistan in their World Cup game. I suppose the media is going to rate this as one of the most shocking results in the game. And while they won’t be incorrect, it is not without precedent – Sri Lanka beating India in 1979, Zimbabwe triumphing over Australia in 1983, that famous Kenyan ambush of West Indies in 1996, the controversial Bangladeshi upset of Pakistan in 1999, and Kenya’s smothering of Sri Lanka in 2003 were all upsets of significant proportions.

But what interested me into this post was something else. I was looking at the statistical review on Cricinfo and what stuck me was that in the Pakistan innings, the top scorer was Mr. Extras with 29. Which was exactly the case with the West Indies against Kenya in 1996 and with Pakistan against Bangladesh in 1999.

I’m not reading too much into this. But if you think once is interesting, twice is coincidence, and three times is a bit more than that…

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